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Silicon Carbide (SiC) mosfets, discrete diodes and modules provider in Asia.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Q: What is SiC power devices?

A: SiC is a compound made up of Silicon and carbide material which can push semiconductor devices to the next level. SiC Power devices can convert power more efficiently and endure high temperature and break down voltage.

Q: What applications can be benefited by using SiC power devices?

A: Applications like large power conversion will be perfect for using SiC. By pushing the frequency at a much higher rate, designers can make a more compact power suppler as a results of smaller cooling and smaller transformer. Besides, there are other applications :

EV chargers

PV inverters

Induction heating

Gaming PC or Server computers

Q: Why we choose Richwood ?

A: Richwood is the Rep/distributor of GeneSiC and SemiQ, which is SiC power device vendor in USA. The major advantage of them are vertically integrated with a diverse product portfolio.

GeneSiC is good a making robust SiC power device and offer unique 1700V and 3300v SiC diodes and mosfet. They also release the smallest SiC power diode in SMB package, which can be used in medical equipment. Recently, GeneSiC unleashes 15000V SiC PiN diodes for extreme application like aerospace and heavy-duty works.

SemiQ is famous for its vertical integration. They design from the stretch and make their own EPI wafer, which is the most important part in SiC industry. By doing so, not only can the quality be guaranteed, but also the delivery on time.

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