Allegro A1326LUA-T

Detail Description: Micropower, Ultrasensitive Hall-Effect Switches. Sutiable for battery-operated, hand-held equipment such as cellular and cordless telephones, smart meter, and palmtop computers. Average power consumption to less than 15 µW with a 2.75 V supply. Either a north or south pole of sufficient strength will turn the output on in the A3212. 2.5V ~ 3.5V, -40C to 85C. 3-SIP Through Hole package. Standard original package (SPQ): 3000pcs/reel


SKU: allegro-a3212elhlt-t
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  • Unless stated, otherwise the datecode must be within 2 years shelf lifetime. All IC products must be from original factory. For evaluation board, the design and BOM are reference to factory's schematic circuit, except some peripheral components. The board is 100% tested pass before shipping. 

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