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1st FOC Code Free BLDC #AMT49406GESSR

Are you looking for low noise, high performance but easy-to-use Brushless DC motor driver? Here is the best solution.

Since 2019, AllegroMicrosystems has released a complete new product - AMT49406GESSR which can offer engineers to spin up a motor in 5 mins, with only 5 parameter settings, and also only 5 external components required on board. It is a well popular driver in white goods especially fan product.

您是否正在寻找低噪音、高性能但易于使用的无刷直流电机驱动器?这里是最好的解决方案。 自 2019 年以来,Allegro公司发布了一个完整的新产品 - AMT49406GESSR,它可以为工程师提供在 5 分钟内启动电机,只需 5 个参数设置,也只需要 5 个外部组件。它是一个很受欢迎的驱动程序在白色家电,特别是风扇产品。

AMT49406 Schematic Circuit
Download PDF • 63KB

Please contact our sales or FAE for demoboard, quotation or free sample.

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Tel: 852-27979893

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