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CDE-IC offers coin-cell Supercapacitors to replace discontinued Panasonic Gold capacitors

In 2019, Panasonic discontinued part of EEC series a.k.a. Gold capacitor without replacement. Illinois Capacitor offers a comprehensive range of supercapacitors, especially in the field of coin-type supercapacitors that can be used as equivalents to Panasonics' Gold capacitors.

Enclosed is the presentation of our supercapacitor with cross referencing table to the discontinued Panasonic gold capacitors. More, the specification of CDE-IC's supercaps EDC and EDS series are attached for further information.

Cross Reference table by CDE-IC

Illinois Capacitor is a leading manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic, aluminum polymer, metalized film and power film capacitors for electronics, along with super capacitors (EDLC or ultra capacitors) for an even wider range of applications. Also, we have recently introduced a line of rechargeable coin cell batteries with performance superior to market leaders. Through our close involvement with customers and suppliers, IC has been able to consistently deliver the components most needed for today’s high performance end products.

In February 2015, Illinois Capacitor Inc., and its affiliates were acquired by Cornell Dubilier Marketing, Inc.  This acquisition brings together two of the leading manufacturers of capacitors for the electronics marketplace.  For the foreseeable future, Illinois Capacitor will operate as a separate subsidiary of Cornell Dubilier, and will continue to be headquartered in suburban Chicago.

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